"Ultra-Microporous Sponge-Like Ceramics"
Amazing New Construction Materials


A combination of biomass cakes and diatom earth produced
in our local area achieve planting bases that are free from
harmful substances and environmentally-friendly.

This special ceramics has sponge-like open cell porous and ultra-microporous structures,a mixture of biomass cakes with a diameter of 3 μm,porous diatom earth and clay all fired at high temperature of more than 1000℃

What are biomass cakes?

Many dye works use microorganisms for dralnage treatment. These microorganisms function to clean stained drainage,and cakes(excess blomass cakes) containing a large amount of excess microorganisms are produced in this process. These cakes are collections of very fine particies with a dlameter of 3 μ m. green biz utllizes these efficiently.

What is diatom earth?

Our local area boats bountiful reserves of diatom earth,accounting for 60% of the domestic reserves. Diatom earth is a natural material made of phytoplankton which has become fossilized after being deposited on the seabed and lake bed for a long period of time. It has been used as housing wall(plastered)materials,charcoal braziers,cooking stoves,insulating firebricks, and now it is even used as a beer filtration material.

Features of greenbiz

The water permebillity of this material spreads 90 times efficient in the direction of wldth as opposed to height.
A big difference from the conventional water retention function.

  • More than 50% saturated moisute content
  • Inorganic and harmless
  • Nonflammable material made from recycling
  • Thin, light and easy to handle
  • Warm when it's cold, cool when it's hot
  • Recyclable material